Presidential Race

Who will win?

Last week……I think…….some idiot somewhere announced the death of our President. Now that is pretty messed up. Now I bet the whole country was torn up about this news (cos even those who wish him dead would have been devastated when he turned up right?)

Now, I’d say it’s your fault Mr. Prez, what were you doing hiding from the public? We hadn’t seen you in days……..maybe weeks. This was a silly prank even by my standards. Cos think of how many ‘Chief mourners’ were preparing for this funeral; how many Political opponents were preparing for an easy contest in December (uhhh only 1 actually).

That said, I really believe the issue of health at the executive is very important. I believe we witnessed history last week, because never in all my years have I seen so much concern for the health of a sitting President or even an Ex-President (considering the fact that all the Ex- Presidents were either shot or are strong men called ‘John’). I keep asking myself since then, “would Mr. Prez tell us if he was really sick?” I don’t think so. However, being the ‘AsomdweeHene'(Peace loving guy) and so far our most ‘Chrife’ President (with all those national prayer days, I believe he deserves the title), I wouldn’t like to think that he would ever lie to us and maybe hide his health condition so he could have another taste of power(I’m just saying).

I think I should agree with my boss on what should be done to address this. All Presidential candidates must undergo a thorough medical examination and be cleared as medically fit for the elections. HOWEVER, won’t it be interesting if they found some “sometin” in somebody’s body? heeheehee. Let me shut up here. This was the idea behind the drawing. Hope you like it.

And if you got this far reading this passage, hats off to you.

A Politicians Speech

Listen carefully next time one of these guys talk

Ghana my homeland is divided into 10 regions. In these ten regions are tens of ethnic groups; and with these ethnic groups come tens of cultures and it goes on like that till you get to the part where I say tens of delicacies. Many ethnic groups have their own delicacies: in the northern part of Ghana, dogs are a rare delicacy: I say RARE because I did not see one dog the last time I visited two of the three Northern Regions. However, my focus today is on the Ewe ethnic group who are known for their love of cat meat.
Why do Ewe’s love cat meat? Well I’ll tell you. Ever seen their dance Agbadza? Ever notice how it resembles the flapping of wings like a bird? you have? great! Now ever watched the cartoon Sylvester and Tweety? Ever notice how the cat like to pick on poor innocent birds? yes. So while we Ewes imitate the birds in such beautiful fashion, know that we consider these domestic predators our mortal enemies. The logic here is ‘if i were small he’d eat me but I’m big, so I’ll eat you’.
That said cats are delicious. That’s why they are so hard to kill. The next time you want to judge an Ewe man for eating a cat, dance Agbadza in front of a cat and see what happens.
PS. I chose Ewes because I am an Ewe myself. Don’t try this at home.

Hey there. Thanks for visiting my blog, though i have no idea how you ended up here. As the name suggests I am Vinnie: cartoonist for a local newspaper in Ghana. Not all my cartoons get published so I will share them here with you. there’s nothing serious here. Sorry to disappoint you.

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